americana with a playful edginess

duo. trio. full band

Erin Dahlby (mandolin/vocals)

Nadine (guitar/vocals)

dahlby&nadine is a duo that was born out of a local bluegrass jam in Estes Park, Colorado. They discovered they had a similar drive to make music and write songs. The first time they blended their voices, they knew they had a sound vibration that must be shared, and a playful energy not to be contained. Their songwriting contains clever lyrics with irony and metaphor, and their arrangement of old standards is refreshing.

The duo has recently enjoyed playing as a band with bassist and vocalist Steve Tice, as well as with the talented fiddle player, Jackson Earles. They are booking for 2020 as a duo, trio or full band.

Pictured: Steve Tice (bass & vocals) Jackson Earles (fiddle)

Pictured: Steve Tice (bass & vocals)



estes park, colorado